AccessMyLAN | Filter Reports

AccessMyLAN has a number of powerful ways to filter, navigate and export reports. This makes finding the information you need to understand your mobile data controls and costs easy.

Filters are a way to customize report information and remove non-relevant data.


Reporting shows the amount of data used for the chosen date range, irrespective of what group a device is in. If a device moves to a new group during the reporting period, reports will show the combined data usage from the current and previous groups.  Please see Understanding data usage Reports when moving devices between groups for more information.

When you visit the Reports area, you are presented with a view of your combined mobile data activity across all groups and zones.

Filters are located on the left of the Reports area and help you to answer specific questions.

Selecting and de-selecting filters will update the reports area in real-time. The types of reports presented on screen do not change, only the information within them.

The core filters contain two tabs:

  • Live shows reports relating to data use occurring now in your account. This includes, for example, the zones in which devices are currently connected.
  • Historical shows reports relating to historical data use in the account. For example, showing data used for the last billing month.

Groups – filter data by Group

Zones – filter data by Zone


If you want to see information relating to the ‘Sales’ Group when in the Domestic Zone, you can select the Group and Zone combination in the reporting filters.

If you do not select any filters, the report area will not show any data.


The Date Picker only appears in the historical tab. This allows you to set a date range to view data usage over a specific time period.