AccessMyLAN | Rest of World Zone

As standard, AccessMyLan has two default zones.

The Rest of World Zone includes all countries and mobile carriers outside of your domestic network.

As you add more Zones, the Rest of World Zone controls the mobile data allowances and restrictions of all devices who are not in the Domestic or other zones you have created.


If you set up a new zone for Canada, the Rest of World Zone no longer covers Canada.

The ‘Rest of World Zone can not be edited’

It simply acts as a ‘catch all’ for Groups accessing mobile data in countries (and on mobile carriers) that you have not created zones for.

Setting ‘Rest of World’ Group Plans

To significantly reduce your mobile data costs when user devices are working overseas, we highly recommend that you edit the Group Plans for all Groups when they are operating in the Rest of World zone by Configuring a Group Plan for each Group in the Zone.

A common option is to reduce the connection speed for each group in the Rest of World zone via the Group Plans. This will slow the speed and ultimately reduce overall mobile data usage while roaming.



We also advise that you consider what Policies are included in each Rest of World Group Plan. Denying access to heavy data Internet services such as streaming video while devices are overseas will also dramatically reduce your mobile data costs.

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