AccessMyLAN | Connection Speed: A guide to mobile data speed allowances

Adjusting a Connection Speed (or access rate) allows you to control the speed of a smart device data connection.

When Configuring a Group Plan you can set two Connection Speeds – the first allows a speed before the device has used its Quota for the period, the second Connection Speed can slow its connection once it has exceeded its quota. Slowing down the Connection Speed results in the device being able to access standard websites and email, but restricts them from using data-heavy Internet services such as streaming video. This results in devices still having Internet access for work without using expensive amounts of data.

The following information can be used as a guide to assist you in applying Connection Speeds for Restricted Mode:

  • Email can generally be run effectively at 200Kb/s (and as low as 100Kb/s)
  • Light web browsing can be effective at around 400Kb/s
  • Streaming audio can be achieved at 100Kb/s (but you will get better quality up to 300Kb/s)
  • Streaming video requires at least 2Mb/s to run effectively without affecting the user experience

Example restrictions

If you want to apply a restriction that will allow access to email and light web browsing, but will deter the user from accessing streaming video on their mobile device, consider setting the Restricted Connection Speed to 400Kb/s.

If you want to create a scenario that devices only have access to email and no other web services, you could consider setting the Connection Speed to 200Kb/s.


AccessMyLan also allows you to restrict access to specific websites and Internet services both before and after a Device Quota is reached. For more, see Create a Policy and Configure a Group Plan.