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AccessMyLAN lets you do even more to manage your mobile devices. You can edit your username and password, view your Account Number, Billing Date, Total number of Licenses and Time zone details.

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Edit Password

  • Edit password

  1. Enter:
    1. Current password:
    2. New password:
    3. Confirm new password:
  2. Select Save Password



Edit Username

  • Edit username

  1. Enter:
    1. New username:
    2. Confirm password:
  2. Select Save Username


Here you can view details on the Licenses for your account.

  • Device: This is the total number of devices licensed to run the AccessMyLAN service. Please contact your Account Manager if you require additional Device Licenses.

Set Time zone

  1. Choose the Time zone: for your account from the drop-down list.
  2. Select Daylight Saving Time: as appropriate for your geographic location.
  3. Select Save Time zone.

Company name

  1. Enter the nominated Company Name into the Company name field.
  2. Select Save Company Name.


The company name will appear on all text correspondence to mobile devices such as when a mobile has almost reached its usage threshold. The company name helps end users identify that the message is legitimate.


Account Summary

  • AT&T FAN: This is your Account Number. You will often be required to provide this number when contacting Support.
  • Billing Day: This is your account billing date. Your monthly billing cycle starts and ends on the same date each month. AccessMyLAN uses the date to reset your monthly data allowance.


    For more information, see Configuring a Group Plan.

  • Licenses: This is your total amount of Device licenses.
  • Time zone: The time zone you have set to your account.
  • Alerts email: The alerts email you have set to your account.
  • Status email: A regular weekly update on the status of your service.
  • Company name: The company name you have set to your account.